Sporades - Skiathos

Skiathos is the most developed island in the Sproades.
From its deep green trees to its rockin’ bars and restaurants, Skiathos invites you to take part in its distinctive and spirited vibe... Perfect for those who demand high standards, it has long been a premier destination for cosmopolitan, international travellers, particularly for YOU on our sailboat cruising the Aegean sea. Holidays on this idyllic Greek island are unforgettable.

Alonnisos (or Alonissos), situated to the East of the Sporades islands, is charming, peaceful island dense with pine, olive and fig trees, numerous bays, coves and green hills.

Οι βραδιές στη Χώρα δυνατές, το Beach Service άψογο!

Σκιάθος - Χώρα
Skiathos - Chora

Σκιάθος - νυχτερινή βόλτα
Night walk in Skiathos.

There are more than 60 beautifully beaches with crystal-clear azure waters.


Nights in Hora are lively and fun and the spectacular beaches Lalaria and Koukounaria are among the best in Greece. The 14th century castle, the habitat of Strofilias, the caves… The beauty of Skiathos is everywhere.


This dazzlingly beautiful beach and landscape put Skiathos on the map. Crystal clear waters, smooth white pebbles, steep cliffs that plunge into the sea. Little boats, yachts and day cruises carrying visitors from all over the world come to experience its splendour.

Koukounaries and Lake Strofilias

Discover the second-most talked about beach on Skiathos: Koukounaries. Famous for its golden sand, this seemingly endless beach is considered one of the most natural in the Mediterranean. It is embraced by a dense pine forest, behind which is Lake Strofilias, a unique habitat that is home to a variety of rare birds.Κουκουναριές” (μαζί με τη λίμνη της Στροφυλίας) και τον “Λαλαριά” με τα καταπράσινα νερά και τα λευκά βότσαλα.

Σκιάθος - Κουκουναριές
Koukounaries beach - Skiathos


Σκιάθος - Λαλαριά
Lalaria beach - Skiathos

Neusis at Lalaria.

There are also many other terrific beaches to choose .
The list is endless: Big Banana, Troullos, Agia Paraskevi, Kanapitsa, Xanemos, Megalos Aselinos.
With beach bars, water-front tavernas, umbrellas, sun beds and watersports, Skiathos’ beaches are a work of art.Πούντα“, η “Φόνισσα” και “Αλτάνους” σας περιμένουν να τις ανακαλύψετε.

Σκιάθος - σπήλαιο Φόνισσα
Fonissa cave - Skiathos

Hints & Tips

Skiathos also includes the islands of Tsougria and Tsougriaki, and the islets of Maragos, Arkos, Troulonisi and Aspronisi all perfect for daily excursion .Τσουγκριά” και “Άρκος“, αλλά και τα μικρότερα “Τσουγκριάκι“, “Μαραγκός“, “Τρουλονήσι” και “Ασπρονήσι“, τα οποία σας περιμένουν να τα ανακαλύψετε!

Σκιάθος - Άρκος
Arkos little island - Skiathos