Η MAROMAR NEPA and were founded in 2020 with the purpose to bring to everyone the absolute sense of freedom among the Greek sea. With our newly built Catamaran "Neusis" type Bali 4.1, we give you the opportunity to travel the Greek sea and explore the beauties of the Aegean Sea.

About us...

We are Giannis and Maria and the sea has always been a part of our lives as we were both born into families of sailors. From a young age, we spent many hours in the sea in Syros and this resulted in it being an integral part of our personality.

Our love for the sea was the one that led Giannis many years ago in his first professional occupation to work with ships while Maria from a young age wanted to become a Marconess. The years passed and they were both led to different career paths. But since Maria & Giannis met their love for the sea was always in their heads and finding a way to live longer with her was a constant and challenging thought!

Their travels always had a taste of the sea. They started sailing and during their holidays traveled to the islands of Greece. When they first sailed with a catamaran, they were captivated by the comfort and conveniences a boat can provide, offering time to relax and enjoy the joys of the sea.

Their trip to the Sporades with its unique deserts, caves, crystal clear waters in combination with the larger cosmopolitan islands of exceptional beauty made them reluctant to return to Athens. After this life-changing trip, they started thinking about how they could make all this part of their daily routine and also offer others such a unique experience.

Therefore, in 2020, MAROMAR was founded with the purchase of catamaran "Neusis". Their dream is for you to discover through your trip with "Neusis" the magic and the wonderful secrets of the Sporades, that made also them fall in love with those idyllic places.

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Watch videos from out trips and from our brand new Catamaran, "Neusis", type Bali 4.1.

On the next trip, you can be the protagonist.